Kik App Overview 2016

What is Kik?


Kik is an anonymous texting app founded in 2009 by Ted Livingston and a group of University of Waterloo students. Unlike other apps, Kik used usernames instead of phone numbers in order to connect people. This idea took off and Kik Interactive Inc. is now a billion dollar tech company with over 300 million users.

To find users of the app, people either post their username or search for people on username exchange websites such as Kik Usernames.

How can I add people on Kik?

Adding people using their Kik username is easy:

Step One:

Tap the Search icon located either on the top right or bottom right of the screen

kik search icon

Step Two:

Type in your friends Kik username

kik username box and keyboard

Step Three:

Tap your friend's Kik username

Step Four:

Tap Start Chatting

kik start chatting button

Step Five:

Send your new Kik friend a message!


Share your username on your Instagram or Twitter profile so they can chat with you!

Lost? Watch this video on how to add and search for people on Kik

There is more than one way to make Kik friends! Kik codes are like QR codes but for your username, which makes it easy for sharing on profile images.

Use Kik Codes to make new Kik Friends:

How can I share my Kik code?

Share your Kik code in three easy steps:

Step #1:

Pull down the top of your main chats list to open the screen

Step #2

Tap the Code icon on the bottom of the screen

Step #3

Now just tap the share icon on the top right corner!

a kik code

Kik's Latest Feature: Bots

Source: - A Look at 16 New Bots on Kik

Bots are the newest feature on the Kik Messenger app

No, sorry, they are not actual physical robots.

So what are Kik bots?

Kik bots are automated chat accounts that are coded to follow specific instructions based on users interaction.

So basically,

Kik is no longer just about chat...

Kik is transforming from an anonymous texting app into an autonomous app designed to get us to ditch browsers for chat apps and then slowly take over the (app) world.

Use caution:

Sometimes people can be jerks or down right creepy. If someone is bothering you, you can block them and/or get help from Kik.

Remember to stay safe and exercise judgement when interacting with strangers online. Don't be afraid to reach out for help.